hob Network Security

Security is an essential and indispensable component in the design and operation of every network. In addition to perimeter security, a comprehensive security concept also encompasses many other aspects of security-relevant aspects that decisively influence the security of your entire infrastructurekte in the LAN. Our security specialists at hob and evoila can advise you extensively in all areas of your complete (W) LAN, WAN, (Multi-/Hybrid-) Cloud and Endpoint Security.

From the analysis to the planning and implementation of security solutions, we also offer the takeover of the complete management of your security. Just get in touch with us. With our Security Operation Center (SOC), we not only ensure the smooth operation of your mission-critical security components for our customers, but also detect attacks on your IT infrastructure based on log data. Learn more at https://evoila.de/en/managed-security/thread-detection/

Do you read about emotet, worms, Trojans, data leaks, phising and other cyber risks in the press? If this worries you, we will be happy to clarify the following questions together with you: 

  • Is my network infrastructure vulnerable? Are my endpoints safe?
  • Are there any vulnerabilities in my Security Ppolicy?
  • Do I have the necessary know-how and the current threats to do justice internally?

In order to offer you comprehensive protection, we are happy to advise you in the following areas:


„Security – it’s a people’s business”


In the meantime, firewalls offer much more than just perimeter security as a classic form of external isolation or for additional isolation from critical systems such as the datacenter. They are the basis for a secure network today, as they serve as the basis for a variety of other security functions in their network. Whether Next Generation Firewall, Unified Threat Management, Advanced Maleware Protection or Web/Mail Security – we have the right solution for you. Our security consultants, with their experience in Cisco Firepower (the successor to the world-renowned Cisco ASA series) and Fortinet FortiGate, are always at your service to protect you and your network from the endpoint to the cloud. 

Intrusion Protection (IPS), Intrusion Detection (IDS), SIEM

Did you know that attacks on a network or data loss are not detected on average for more than 150 days? We help you to detect and repel attacks with products from Fortinet or Elastic. If attackers have come into your network using complex methods, we help you to identify anomalies by analyzing log data or traffic and to quickly stop the attack. In this way, the black sheep in the house can no longer cause any damage. Malicious actions by employees such as data theft, manipulation or alteration of data on a large scale always generate a footprint that deviates from the norm. This can also be used to close such attack vectors. We advise you! and fend off, even if they are already on the LAN.

NAC (Network Access Control)

Log data collection, analysis and detection of threats smarter. NAC (Network Access Control): In times of BYOD, VoIP telephony and , IoT etc. the number of devices in your network continues to increase, but who makes sure that only devices that are allowed to enter the network are included? Who makes sure that the devices only communicate where they are allowed to? Who controls all the rules for accessing the devices? A NAC solution serves as a doorman in front of access to your infrastructure. Just let the one in and remove the one who doesn’t follow the rules. With Fortinet FortiNAC or HPe aruba Clearpass, we offer you the right solution for almost any scenario. Effective management of all access policies, you keep track of and control over all devices and users in your LAN/WAN 


Cloud Security Service

Security Service: Effective immediatelyWith Cisco Umbrella, we offer you a DNS Layer Security Solution that provides comprehensive protection even before your firewall or endpoint. Integrated into Cisco Firepower NGFW, Meraki MX or the AnyConnect client, Umbrella offers you a novel and comprehensive protection of an upstream Security Operation Center (Talos). Talos detects worldwide 24/7 attacks on millions of systems, including Zero Day attacks. This information is always kept upto-date in Umbrella and all other Cisco security solutions. This protects you and your network from threats before they reach your network. 


Through extortionate cyber attacks, cyber criminals are increasingly able to penetrate IT systems and encrypt company-critical data. Uncover this weakness and carry out a penetration test together with us. A pentest serves the proactive protection of your company and makes possible risks visible prematurely. The solutions we use come from Fortinet (FortiNAC) and HPE (Clearpass) and Cisco. All security solutions mentioned above are only good and effective with careful planning and continuous support. hob supports you in the selection and operation of upto-date required security solutions.


hob lifts plans and develops with give you the perfect network Architecture with a view to a safe implementation.


hob Network Engineers take care of the fact that your existing network becomes more secure – reliable, stable and if possible without interruption of the current operation. 


hob lifts ensures that recurring Standard procedures of the network administrator automated and simplifiedup to for complete network automation by Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Expect from us:

  • A partner who takes the requirements of the GDPR seriously and is ISO 27001 certified.
  • A system house with many years of experience and satisfied customers from all sectors
  • A system house in which the continuous training of employees is the top priority.