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HOBLink JWT für Pulse Secure

The Premier Java RDP Applet Option for Pulse Secure's SSL VPN Appliances


ruckfuhrungHOBLink JWT

Product Description

HOBLink JWT - the Java Windows Terminal Server client, provided by HOB has been integrated into the Pulse Secure PSA Series, and provides a platform-independent solution for accessing Microsoft RD Session Hosts (formerly Windows Terminal Servers). It makes business-critical data in Windows-based applications available to all remote users, regardless of the type of hardware or OS they are using. This fully integrated java client provides users with one of the most convenient ways to access RD Session Hosts.

As a platform-independent solution, the Pulse Secure Networks® Premier Java RDP Applet lets you use the entire range of Windows applications running on the RD Session Host, regardless of how the client computer is equipped. By centrally installing and managing all the Windows applications, you can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.

Architecture and Key Components

With the Premier Java RDP Applet option, users can access applications centrally installed on RD Session Hosts from anywhere. It gives you all the advantages of server-based computing for Windows applications and brings the many additional benefits— improving installation, administration, operability, and security.

Single Point of Administration

The Premier Java RDP Applet option enables the administrator to centrally administrate all user and configuration data. The users can be displayed in a group and tree structure, which greatly simplifies administrative tasks, especially for installations with many users.

Cross-Platform Support

The Premier Java RDP Applet can be used on any client platform including Windows 10, Linux, UNIX, and macOS, all 32-bit and 64-bit.

Windows Server Support

The Premier Java RDP Applet is compatible with the following servers:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (including R2)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (including R2)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Multi-Monitor Support

The Premier Java RDP Applet can be configured to allow for multi-monitor support with smart screen size calculation.

Maximum Color Depth

The Premier Java RDP Applet supports 8-bit, 15-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit color depth for high-end graphical application use.

Local Drive Mapping

Local drives can be mapped to the server to transfer files between client and server and vice versa.

Bidirectional Audio

Bidirectional audio enables you to transmit audo using locally available hardware, for example, a Phillips SpeechMike, to Windows Server applications and vice versa.

Universal Printer Support

The flexible print functions of Universal Printer Support in the Premier Java RDP applet offer you a wide range of printing options for printing on local or network printers.

Easy Print

This function (printing on local or network printers via PCL) gives you support for virtually any printer on the market, without having to install the driver for each printer on the RD Session Host. Print data is processed on the server using a standard driver and converted by the applet for output on a local or network printer. You cut administration to a minimum and avoid hassles with unstable drivers on your RD Session Host, and local Windows operating system.

Easy Print can also be used under macOS and Linux/UNIX.

LPR/LPD print support

The Premier Java RDP Applet acts as a Line Printer Requester and can print the data stream of the RD Session Host via a server designated as a Line Printer Daemon.

IP print

With IP print, the print data stream is forwarded over the Premier Java RDP Applet directly to a port.

Automatic printer mapping

Locally installed printers are recognized and automatically created on the RD Session Host (Windows platforms only).

Application Serving

With this feature, a certain application can be started automatically at login. The user then has access to this application only, instead of to the whole Windows desktop.

Reconnecting to Disconnected Sessions

Client sessions that have been disconnected—for example, due to network failure—can be reconnected at the point where the interruption occurred. When users restart their sessions, they can continue working exactly where they stopped earlier.